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Haveli creates hand block printed baby and kids  bedding and clothing made from 100% cotton.

The spark that inspired the label began at a street market in Melbourne more than 10 years ago.  I came across a bohemian lady selling skirts that she’d made out of glittering sari fabrics. I’d never seen fabric like it, and was soon on my way to India, with the hope that I to could one day create things out of inspiring materials too. That trip was the beginning of many, and in the years that followed, I lived in Europe and Asia, working in London, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Singapore.  I spent many holidays trawling  markets in faraway places, collecting textiles and continuing to dream.

It was on one of my visits to India that I fell in love with the art of block printing. Block printing is an ancient Indian technique whereby motifs carved into blocks of wood are stamped onto cloth by hand, to create unique and charming effect. An antidote to mass production, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Now based  on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, our range  includes baby blankets, bloomers, dresses, sunhats and more. Each piece is machine washable and clothing  is sized from 6 months to 4 years.